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Three Wichita, Kansas cases demonstrate the advantage of CIPP in sewer repair

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | Comments (0)

Contrary to what you may believe, the oldest sewer system is not the one in your neighborhood. That honor lies with one built in the sixth century in Rome. That system has been updated since then, but for many other cities and businesses, the replacement and updating of their wastewater and sewer systems seem to be on the back burner of necessary projects.

If the municipal water-treatment plant and the pipes carrying sewage are working properly - there are no problems with flushing away your waste and turning your attention to more pleasant things.

In too many cases, cities, townships, airports, municipalities, schools, hospitals, and large businesses are relying on lines built over 100 years ago and even longer. Digging up leaking pipes is disruptive and expensive. Several years ago, Cured-In-Pipe-Pipe (CIPP) technology was a breakthrough that led to even more improvements such as the one Utility Maintenance Contractors (UMC) Wichita, Kansas utilizes. CIPP is a trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair existing pipes.

“Our Perma-Liner™ (PLI) products provide the most advanced rehabilitation process for trenchless pipeline systems,” said Kyle Long, Operations Manager at UMC. “Not only can we repair sewer pipes faster and better than dig and replace, it’s much more economical. In many cases, it’s one-third the cost not including the time and disruption savings,” he added.

UMC has done several jobs in Wichita using Perma-Liner™ that have turned in to success stories due to the set of circumstances each provided and the decision to choose CIPP as the solution.

According to Greg Bruggeman, UMC Project Manager, a storm sewer rehabilitation project on three storm sewer lines was slated for repair and a decision had to be made. “We could have slip-lined (an older method that is accomplished by installing a smaller pipe into a larger pipe), but once we cleaned the lines it was obvious that CIPP method was the way to go.”

“Had we used the traditional methods, it would have resulted in excavations in a major thoroughfare and frustrated citizens with significant traffic disruption. It was a win-win-win because in addition to the time and money saved by the customer, CIPP increased the flow capacity and drivers never noticed anything,” Bruggeman added.

Similarly, another local municipality needed assistance repairing a pipe leaking sewage into communication conduits and storm sewer. “We were awarded the project and working nights and utilizing robots we were able to complete the job on schedule and provide a long-term (50-year) solution. It makes you proud and happy to not only do a great job but to help save the environment from a messy and dangerous situation,” said Bruggeman.

UMC also helped a major grocery store chain with a rehabilitation project which was full of challenges. The store was experiencing blockages and poor flow in the partially blocked lines. Once the television cameras revealed significant voids, corrosion and rust deposits , UMC went to work.

According to Bruggeman, after the first steps, making a few excavations and removal of the rust, they were ready to begin the CIPP installation. “We once again used Perma-Liner™ to complete the repairs. It truly is state of the art technology and we are the only company in Wichita to have it in our product line. Once we confirmed the lines were sound and flow was restored we added cleanouts to aid in future maintenance. Finally, we restored the concrete floor to its original look.”

Utility Maintenance Contractors recently added an additional system that has already proved successful for certain types of repair.

The Picote Epoxy Coating System can be used in situations to remove and clean concrete out of pipes. “When things like that happen it will damage the finish on the inside of the pipe. We apply several coats of the epoxy and once the system is operational and inspected and approved, we provide a 25-year leak free warranty.” Bruggeman added that UMC recently used this process with one of their biggest customers and it is truly a “top-of-the-line product.”

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