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City of Park City - Park City, KS


UMC was low bidder on a remove/replace of a heavily deteriorated brick sanitary manhole, approx. 17’ deep. Bypass for this project was self-performed and approved by the City. The immediate challenge associated with this project was the close proximity of our planned excavation to existing communications and power lines. Coordination with AT&T and Westar was required to complete this job. A precast concrete manhole was installed and this job was completed without any interference to residents' sewer services.

Mennonite Housing Rehabilitation Services, Inc. – Wichita, KS


UMC was contracted to install approx. 500 linear feet of concrete storm sewer pipe and all associated inlet boxes and rain leaders for a new housing development project. All work was self-performed and passed all final inspections. Part way through the project, an additional manhole was added to the scope of work due to the presence and location of existing communication equipment which could not be moved. This manhole was located in the middle of a residential street and required traffic control and street closure to complete the work safely.

Western Farmers Power Corp. – Mooreland, OK


Layne subcontracted to UMC the installation of two 16 inch diameter gate valves located on Western Farmers Power Corp. grounds. We were selected based upon our experience with valve installation and ability to handle asbestos pipe and its disposal. A small crew was mobilized to assist Layne in completing this project. All materials and excavation was provided by others, labor and supervision were the only responsibilities UMC had. Both installations were successful and completed ahead of schedule.