City of Wichita Treatment Plant 2 Headworks Improvements
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City of Wichita Treatment Plant 2 Headworks Improvements


The City of Wichita Public Works and Utilities was experiencing severe erosion in three separate concrete structures at their wastewater treatment facility, totaling approximately 5,600 interior square feet. The level of erosion was to the point that if left untreated, would jeopardize the structural integrity of the concrete. UMC was called upon by the prime contractor, Dondlinger Construction, to patch and coat the interior of the structures with a four-step cementitious and epoxy coating system that is specifically designed to be highly abrasion resistant. After the concrete surfaces were prepped with abrasive blasting and high-pressure washing, the areas that experienced the highest amounts of erosion were built-back to the original wall dimensions using a cementitious patching material. In addition to the patching, one of the structures had two areas with active ground water leaks that had to be fixed in order for the coating system to be applied properly.  After the leaks were stopped and the cementitious build-back was complete, the next three epoxy coats were hand-applied to create a monolithic epoxy coating that is highly chemical and erosion-resistant. What made this project particularly challenging was that UMC had to complete the work on a very tight schedule due to the city’s high daily cost of bypass pumping that was required, in order to allow UMC to enter the structures. Another challenge was accessing the areas in need of coating, due to the fact that the structures were 20-30 feet below grade.  As always, safety was UMC’s top priority on this project and the work was completed without incident.


Location: Wichita, KS