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Colorado Springs Utilities was having serious infiltration issues with a manhole next to one of its lift stations. This particular manhole housed a pressurized pipe with flow meters that had been covered by surcharged ground water to the point that the utility was unable to attach sensors to read the flow on the pipe. CSU contacted UMC to mitigate the infiltration and bring the manhole back to a functional state. Infiltration at the pipe penetration was constantly flowing and required hydrophilic grout to seal the leaks from the outside. Our crew mobilized and injected the grout allowing the manhole to be dried for application of the epoxy. After masking the pipe and meters in the manhole, a monolithic coating of epoxy was applied to ensure the manhole would remain dry and functional. This procedure was performed in a single day with no digging required and no interruption of service to the district or end users.


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