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Utility Maintenance Contractors, LLC was contacted by the property management company for a small shopping center in Conifer, CO with complaints of infiltration in one of the wastewater manholes on their property. Another contractor had previously tried to stop the infiltration at the bench with some cementitious product which resulted in relocating the infiltration point to an area near the invert at the pipe penetration. UMC mobilized and was able to inject hydrophilic grout through the barrel section of the manhole to eliminate the infiltration in that area. Knowing the budget constraints of a small mountain shopping center, we proceeded to coat the bottom portion of the manhole to eliminate the chance of further spread of infiltration. Total time from the first date of contact to project completion was less than two weeks with all coating work happening in one day and no disruption of service or impact to the owner.


Location: Conifer, CO

Capability: COATINGS