Conveyor Head Section Relocation
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Conveyor Head Section Relocation


UMC was called upon by a soybean processing plant to relocate a 4,000 lb. drag conveyor head unit used to process soybeans. The objective of the project was to relocate the conveyor head from the third floor of the plant to the second floor in order to create additional space for machinery on the third floor. In order to complete the project, UMC was able to remove sections of the conveyor casing, shorten the 1,000 lb. chain drag inside the conveyor casing and remove and re-build the existing catwalk surrounding the conveyor head. The final step required re-fabricating and re-lining the discharge chute installed alongside the conveyor head. To safely lower the conveyor head and chain drag, UMC set up heavy-duty rigging, rated to handle the conveyor head load. The project was required to be completed during a 10-day plant shutdown; a deadline which UMC met. During this project, UMC employees utilized their exceptional mechanical and fabrication skills to complete the project. As always, safety was UMC’s top priority on this project and the work was completed on schedule and without incident.


Location: Wichita, KS

Capability: FACILITY