Glycol Tank
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Glycol Tank


UMC was assigned with the task of recoating the interior walls of  a 1,500 gallon glycol tank at a local manufacturing facility. The container's original finish was failing due to rust and corrosion, causing major issues in the client’s daily process of dipping various parts for paint preparation. First, the tank was cleaned out with a 5,000 PSI pressure washer. Next, UMC used abrasive blasting to rid the interior walls of the deteriorating prior sealant. A prime coat of Novolac Vinyl Ester was then applied and allowed to  cure before a topcoat was added to complete the application. This process was carefully executed inside of the active manufacturing building during business hours, all while consciously avoiding any problems due to ventilation or debris. After working throughout the weekend, the tank was safely and successfully finished and fully functioning by the allotted deadline, boosting our client’s performance and potential. 


Location: Wichita, KS

Capability: COATINGS