Locomotive Trench Floor Coating
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Locomotive Trench Floor Coating


UMC picked up the task of coating the floors of locomotive maintenance trenches at a Nebraska railway. The trenches were experiencing water ponding and grease/oil buildup due to repeated use over time and old, deteriorating concrete. UMC had to first powerwash and degrease the surfaces using a hot-water power-washer and detergent. Then, the crew applied Microbial Restoration SURFACE degreaser to remove any remaining stubborn grease and oil. Next, the existing concrete floor needed to be mechanically abraded to an ICRI CSP 3-4. Once this was completed, the coating system was ready to be applied. First, the ponding areas were filled-to-grade with a Polyurethane Modified Concrete/clean sand mix. Then, the base coat, grout coat, and Urethane finish coat were applied to finish the surfaces with a strong, easy-to-clean, slip & chemical-resistant finish. Six separate trenches, each several hundred feet long were refinished one at a time, in coordination with the railroad company as they moved and serviced their trains.


Location: Lincoln, NE

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