Meal Tank Exterior Coating
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Meal Tank Exterior Coating


UMC completed the exterior coating of two separate meal storage tanks that were approximately 80' tall x 20' diameter. The tanks were experiencing severe spot corrosion on the exterior weld seams that in some areas had resulted in holes in the tank walls. This project was made particularly challenging by the fact that the client would not allow any abrasive blasting or spray-coating to be done on the tanks. UMC prepped the surface of the tanks using industrial degreaser and 5,000 psi water blasting to remove any surface contaminants prior to doing any coating work. After the general surface prep was complete, UMC repaired the metal holes before hand-prepping and spot-priming the corrosion areas. After the corrosion areas were addressed, UMC brush and roll-applied a high-quality silicone alkyd coating to all exterior surfaces of the tanks. This coating is primarily used on previously painted substrates and provides superior color and gloss retention over conventional alkyd enamels. The tanks were not accessible by using boom lifts or suspended scaffolding which required UMC to erect full scaffolding for each tank. This project resulted in a satisfied client with tanks that will look great and perform well for years to come.


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