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Pre-Acidification Tank


UMC recently completed the interior coating of a 55 ft. x 44 ft. bolted steel tank with approximately 5 mils of spray-applied epoxy primer and approximately 80 mils of spray-applied polyurea topcoat. The tank was experiencing severe corrosion on the center support column, the upper tank walls, and the roof beams. The complete interior of the tank had to be wet-abrasive blasted in order to remove any existing rust or corrosion. This also provided us with the appropriate profile to ensure that the coating would bond properly to the steel substrate. UMC removed the existing support column and roof beams and replaced them with new beams that we coated off-site prior to beginning the project. After the roof of the tank was coated and the beams were installed, we completed the coating of the walls and floor of the tank. UMC had to overcome several obstacles in the completion of the tank, including having to race the November weather in order to beat the Colorado freeze due to the sensitive nature of the tank contents. Another challenge was containing the copper slag blast material that was used to the inside of the tank in order to avoid any negative impact on the environment. Safety and quality are of the utmost importance here at UMC, and we took every step possible to provide a high quality project that was completed on a tight schedule and without incident.


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