Petroleum Refinery Manhole Rehabilitation
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Petroleum Refinery Manhole Rehabilitation


A petroleum refinery in Oklahoma was experiencing seepage on a 30 inch oily water sewer line. In order to help fix the infiltration, the pipe had to be rehabilitated by installing CIPP the entire length of the line. After the pipe-lining was completed, UMC was called upon to rehabilitate and epoxy-coat multiple manholes and structures on the newly-lined pipe. UMC began by stopping any points of infiltration in the structures. After the leaks were controlled, the cement and brick structures were coated with 250 mils of 100% solids epoxy. The coating was tied-in to the CIPP liner in order to create a monolithic structure that extends the entire length of the rehabilitated sewer line and will provide lasting protection against corrosion and infiltration. The strict safety requirements set forth by the refinery were met and exceeded by UMC for the duration of the project.


Location: Oklahoma

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