Process Belt Replacement
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Process Belt Replacement


UMC crews replaced a worn out process belt approximately 700 feet in length on the second floor of a local grain processing facility. In order to complete the project, an opening in the ceiling was utilized so that the entire belt could be removed and installed as safely and efficiently as possible. UMC custom fabricated a metal cradle to hold the new 2,200 pound belt, which was moved into position with a crane. Once the old belt was removed and the new belt spool/cradle was in place, a series of winches and come-a-longs were used to safely install the new belt. Before re-installing the belt, UMC replaced a handful of worn out liners on the bottom of the belt casing. Finally, the belt and rollers were adjusted and the belt resumed normal operation. This project was made especially challenging due to the tight working quarters where the conveyor was located. The project was required to be completed during a 3-day plant shutdown, a deadline which UMC met.


Location: Wichita, KS

Capability: FACILITY