Process Scale Demo & Install
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Process Scale Demo & Install


UMC was called upon to administer a series of process improvements at a grain processing facility. The facility needed to improve their process efficiency to accommodate increased production requirements. UMC was the owner’s contractor of choice for this project and was immediately able to begin work on the necessary improvements. UMC began by removing outdated process equipment including an aspirator, cyclone vacuum system, fans, ducting, and assorted platforms. Once everything was removed, UMC used a crane to pick and install a new process scale and maintenance platforms that had been custom-fabricated by UMC and galvanized prior to installation. After installing the scale, UMC custom-fabricated spouting to connect the existing grain leg to the newly installed process scale. UMC then installed spouting from the outlet of the scale onto a new loader, which fed a process belt below. Substantial modifications had to be made in order to fit all of the new equipment onto existing platforms. Structural beams were added by UMC to hold the additional weight of the new equipment. This project was completed on schedule and with no safety incidents.


Location: Kansas

Capability: FACILITY