Cooling Line Internal Pipe Repair
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Cooling Line Internal Pipe Repair


UMC completed two separate composite repair projects on sections of pipe for this client. The first project consisted of the internal composite repair of 10 LF of 24 inch PVC cooling water line, including 2 each 45 degree mitered bends. The cracks around the mitered bends were filled with grout and then the entire area in question was prepped and coated with 100% Solids Epoxy layered with carbon fiber. For the second project, UMC was called upon to find and repair several damaged areas inside a 24 inch diameter PVC cooling water line. UMC was able to locate the damaged areas in the pipe by CCTV and pressure testing of four separate 24 inch cooling lines. Once UMC was able to determine which areas were damaged and causing leakage, we were able to prep and coat the surface with 100% Solids Epoxy layered with carbon fiber. After the repairs were complete and the epoxy was cured-out, the line in question was once again pressure tested to ensure that the repair was effective.  Both of these projects required stringent lockout-tagout and confined space entry procedures due to the location of the pipes. UMC was able to carry out all work efficiently and without incident.


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