Water Park Blasting & Coating
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Water Park Blasting & Coating


UMC was called upon to perform the abrasive blasting and coating of a water park in Liberal, KS. The water park consisted of four separate concrete pool areas that were experiencing a failure of the existing coating in the form of chalking and flaking. Two of the pools were also experiencing significant leaking through cracks and joints in the concrete. UMC removed the existing coatings and prepped the surface of the concrete by abrasive blasting. Once the blasting was complete, UMC applied an epoxy filler to any cracks in the bare concrete and applied chlorine-resistant caulking to the expansion joints located in the bottom of the pools. Once the pools were leak-proofed, UMC applied three coats of a high-solids polyamide epoxy coating that offers protection against abrasion, immersion, and mild chemical contact. This project was made particularly challenging by the tight timeline in which the work needed to be completed. UMC was given approximately one month to complete the project so that the water park would be ready to open by Memorial Day weekend. The timeline was met without issue and the client was very pleased with the results.


Location: Liberal, KS

Capability: COATINGS