Water Treatment Plant
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Water Treatment Plant


A local water treatment plant was experiencing coating failure resulting in severe rusting and corrosion on the exterior of three above-ground 36” water lines. In fact, portions of the lines had originally been left uncoated and the bare steel was quickly deteriorating. UMC was called upon to coat the pipes using a three step coating process. UMC began by abrasive blasting the pipe to remove any rust and provide the proper surface profile for coating adhesion. UMC then applied an epoxy base coat followed by a polyurethane topcoat that together provide excellent corrosion and rust prevention along with exceptional color retention and UV resistance. This project was made particularly challenging due to the fact that the work had to be done over a fast-flowing channel of water that could not be diverted during the project. UMC’s crew used scaffolding to install a full working platform over the water channel in order to provide access to the pipes and eliminate any safety hazards caused by the flowing water. UMC was able to overcome all challenges involved and complete the project safely and on schedule.


Location: Wichita, KS

Capability: COATINGS