Water Park Blasting and Coating
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Water Park Blasting and Coating


UMC accepted the task to perform the abrasive blasting, coating, and caulking of a private water park in Wichita, KS. This family pool area consisted of a main zero-entry wading area, lap pool, lounge area, and a lazy river. All were experiencing failure in the existing coating in the form of cracking, chalking and flaking. UMC prepped the surface of the pool by abrasive blasting followed by degreasing and high-pressure water blasting. Once the surface prep was complete, it became apparent that some of the walls needed resurfacing. UMC resurfaced the walls as need and then UMC applied an epoxy filler to any minor cracks and blemishes remaining in the concrete. Once the pools were leak-proofed, UMC applied two coats of a high-solids polyamide epoxy coating made specifically for immersion in swimming pools. Black lane lines, targets and stencils were reapplied throughout the park. A large percentage of the top-deck expansion joint caulking was deteriorating and in need of replacement; it was stripped and replaced by UMC as the last stage of the project. The main challenges presented during this project came in the form of inconsistent Spring weather and the narrow time window which was requested by the client. However, the deadline was met without issue, and the client was satisfied with the results.


Location: Wichita, KS

Capability: COATING